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first day

tryin to be happy is not so easy as i thought. Finding out why u always feel annoying is much more difficult. Just to shut up and accept that ure the one who feels like shit is compared to that much easier.

Try to do everything for the people u love.. Even if u get broken.. Im fallin.. Im fallin..

Jealousy isnt always bad.. but in my case its bad cuz its ME who is jealous..

Sing for me.. Life is more than survive.. At least for the other people.. I hope I can be there if they need me.

Btw. If u are here.. then read the lyrics aside. They are for u.. Ure askin who is YOU? YOU are u.. No Matter who u are.

No Matter who u are.. No matter who is reading this blog.. I want u to have a great day! If its hard then just think about something special.. a sparkling day in your life..

Give every day the chance to become the best of your life.

Just me

30.8.06 08:07

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