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i think something broke today

it is supposed to destroy something, when u argue seriously with a god friend.
or at least for me it seems like at the moment. (What is very unusual cuz im actually an optimistic person)

Yesterday i was at the schwedenplatz (in vienna) and it reminded me so much of the time in the summer when alex and jenny came to visit us. Over all, i was listening to "the adventure" by "angels and airwaves" and that started right when i stepped out of the subway station!

Hmm.. which memories... I stole alex' cap and i ran away and he followed be till he got it back. And then i tried to catch him because i wanted to have his cap again but he was too fast for me. I had to laugh so many times on that evening. The others where sitting on the ground, all around were people.. it was such a great evening

my newest photographs:


have fun with them and also look to my other photographs:


12.2.07 23:57

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